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AMGA SPI Course TracyFox Mountain Guides and Climbing School offers American Mountain Guides Association training and certification programs. The AMGA provides training and the only nationally and internationally recognized certifications in the USA for Climbing Instructors and Rock, Alpine and Ski Mountaineering Guides. The AMGA is the sole representative in the US for the International Federation of Mountain Guides Associations (IFMGA) and Climbing Instructor Certifications (endorsed by the UIAA). The AMGA is recognized worldwide as the highest American standard of training and certification for instructors and guides. AMGA certification is now the standard in the USA.

We offer the AMGA Climbing Wall Instructors Program, AMGA Single Pitch Instructor Course and Assessments. We also offer mentorship and prepare individuals for the AMGA Rock Instructor and Rock Guide courses and examinations.

When selecting a Provider for your AMGA education you should look past where is the closest course or the first dates that work. You should spend time researching how much experience your provider has teaching the AMGA Programs and working as an instructor in this field.

Here are a few top reasons to choose FMG:
  • We are the largest, oldest and most experienced provider of AMGA Programs in the Southeast, offering AMGA Programs since 2001. We have trained hundreds of candidates and taught AMGA Programs here in the Southeast and all over the USA.

  •  FMG Owner AMGA Certified Rock Guide Adam Fox is the current National Discipline Coordinator for the AMGA Single Pitch Instructor Program. Adam overseas the AMGA SPI Program in the USA and trains all current AMGA SPI Program Providers across the country.

  • FMG Guides Ron Funderburke and Karsten Delap along with Adam Fox are the only AMGA Certified Rock Guides in the Southeast region teaching the AMGA SPI Program.

  • We have a classroom and workshop for lectures. This enhances our SPI Programs and enables us to show video and PowerPoint Presentations. In the classroom we also have a vast collection of technical manuals from around the world from the past 20 years that candidates can research and use while on our courses..

  • Fox Mountain Guides and Climbing School is the Southeast's only AMGA Accredited Program offering AMGA Courses.

  • Fox Mountain Guides is located at the entrance to Pisgah National Forest, offering the prefect terrain for the AMGA Single Pitch Instructor and AMGA Rock Instructor Courses.

Fox Mountain Guides and Climbing School can offer you AMGA training at a level unparalleled in the Southeast!

AMGA Climbing Wall Instructor Program

AMGA Single Pitch Instructor Course

AMGA Single Pitch Instructor Assessment

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Reasons for Choosing the American Mountain Guides Association:

  • In 2009, the SPI Program earned the endorsement of the International Mountaineering and Climbing Federation (UIAA) by meeting and exceeding UIAA standards for program quality and content. It is the only program in the USA that has achieved this.

  • In 1997, the AMGA Guide Program was inducted into the International Federation of Mountain Guide Associations (IFMGA.) Again, this was the result of meeting and/or exceeding the standards established by this renowned, century old guides federation. The AMGA is the sole IFMGA representative in the USA.

  • The AMGA has been offering training and certifications for 30 years.

  • The AMGA has trained over 5,000 guides and issued 2,568 certifications since its inception.

  • Over 300 AMGA programs are run each year in over 30 states and 3 countries.

  • There are AMGA members in 48 states in the US and in 13 countries in the world.

  • All SPI Program Providers have successfully passed an AMGA certification exam in one or more discipline in the AMGA Guide Program.

  • The AMGA actively promotes certified guides by listing names and contact information on the AMGA website.

  • The AMGA shares a partnership, through donations of money and/or product, with 50 manufacturers of climbing related products, including the largest names in the outdoor industry. Twenty-nine (29) of these partners offer pro-purchase benefits to Certified SPI members.

  • The AMGA supports its members by annually awarding over $50,000 in scholarships and subsidies to qualified members.

  • At the AMGA Annual Meeting, all AMGA members have free access to professional development clinics and workshops.

  • Most all Guide Services in the USA only accept and recognize AMGA training and certifications (Fox Mountain Guides being one of them).