Rock Climbing Instruction

Karsten Delap. Nose of Looking Glass Rock NCBeing a climbing school as well as a guide service, Fox Mountain Guides are prepared to offer a full range of instruction covering every major genre, style, and skill-set in technical climbing and improvised rescue.  Many students want to learn to take themselves, their friends, and their families rock-climbing; we’re here to teach them.  Many students are already climbers at some level, but they are interested in achieving that next step.  Maybe it’s learning to lead climb, maybe it’s becoming more efficient in multipitch terrain, or maybe learning improvised rescue skills to prepare for unanticipated problems on the rock.  Some students are looking for some honest feedback about areas that need improvement, and they want help setting new goals for themselves.

Fox Mountain Guides are the instructors all of these students are looking for.  Each of our instructors are skilled lesson planners, developers of new curriculum, and interested in helping students achieve their climbing goals.  Our instructors teach in two main capacities.  In the first, they teach courses with fixed curriculums like Rock 101, Rock 201, Single Pitch Rescue, Single Pitch Lead, Multipitch Rescue, and Multipitch lead.  In the second, instructors work privately with individuals or private groups to meet specific educational goals that are the designed and oriented to meet the students’ specific needs.

Over the years we have found that some individuals like to take our regular scheduled courses which can have three, four or six or more on the course. But, roughly 50% of people like to schedule ‘Private Instruction’, setting up the class for just themselves or scheduling dates for a group of friends.

The Benefits of Private Instruction:

  • Scheduling programs on dates that suite you.
  • You can request a particular Instructor.
  • You can select whether to take the program by yourself or with a small group of your friends.

Move through the curriculum at your pace, going more in-depth to a topic, skimming over or getting into other skills sets and curriculum as you wish!

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