Rock Climbing 401-Multi-pitch Lead Climbing

Advanced Level Course

Multipitch Rock Climbing. Looking Glass RockThe Multi-pitch Lead Climbing Course is aimed at any climber who is currently climbing multi-pitch or wanting to step into the world of multi-pitch climbing. The course looks at the skills taught to guides focusing on efficiency, teaching you the skills to climb multi-pitch routes effectively. The course will cover a myriad of techniques aimed at making you a more efficient and more competent multi-pitch climber. The course will also get some great climbs in too!

"I wanted to share the techniques and skills that I teach on Guide training courses with recreational climbers so I created the Multi-pitch Lead Course. This course is unique as it looks at the approach to climbing multipitch rock terrain the same way a guide is taught to. I guarantee you will love this course!" -Adam Fox

“I've been climbing for over 20 years and still learn new techniques when I spend a day with Fox Mountain Guides”. -Tom Gallo


Topics Covered:

  • The key skill: TRANSITIONS, moving from leader to belaying the second and back to leader (or swapping leads) quickly
  • Guide book/topo interpretation and route finding skills
  • Anchor considerations in multi-pitch terrain
  • Belay station management, considerations and tricks to speed things up
  • Belaying options: plates, locking devices and hitches. Redirects, direct and indirect belays
  • Rope management and working with the single rope
  • Dealing with terrain problems such as traverses, roofs, arêtes, climbing and protecting these features for the leader and second
  • Climbing equipment selection: the climbing rack and extra equipment that should be carried on a multi-pitch climb
  • Multi-pitch rappelling considerations


Course Prerequisites:

Applicants must have taken our Intermediate Level courses or can traditional lead 5.7 climbs, rappel and have experience building artificial and natural anchors.

Number on course:       Maximum of 6:1 client to instructor ratio
Course length:             Two days
Course dates:               This couse is scheduled when requested, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. the office to request a date

Cost*:                           $350
2: $450 per person (two to one instructor, two days)
1: $650 per person (one to one instructor, two days)

*The costs are based on the actual amount of participants on the course. courses normally run with 3 people but in the event the courses run with less people the costs will be as shown above. Participants that do not wish to take the course with low numbers (because of the cost) can change their course to another date. The upside to lower numbers is of course a more personal course.

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