Choosing a Guide Service

We know your time and money is very precious to you and we know you want the best guide, training and experience you can get for your hard earned money! At Fox Mountain Guides that is exactly what you will get, the most credentialed, experienced, personable and professional guides in the region!

Fox Mountain Guides and Climbing School is the largest Guide Service in the Southeast for a reason, people vote with their feet and keep coming back! Our company has grown since our first year and continues to grow more each year.

Here’s what makes us different to the rest:

  • The largest Guide Service in the Southeast region with over 4,000 client days nationwide annually. We are over double the size of our nearest competitor.
  • The Southeast’s only Program Accredited by the American Mountain Guides Association (one of only 30 Programs that have received AMGA Accreditation in the entire country). FMG Gained AMGA Accreditation in 2005.
  • We are the only Guide Service in the SE that employees both AMGA Instructor Level Certified Instructors (AMGA Single Pitch Instructors and AMGA Rock Instructors) and also AMGA Guide Level Certified Guides (AMGA Certified Rock Guides).
  • We have been offering guide services, instruction and training courses worldwide for over a decade.
  • We are heavily involved in the local and national climbing community organizing events and donating on average over $6,500 to climbing organizations annually.
  • We have been featured in TV shows and publications such as Discovery Channel and ABC, New York Times, and Atlanta Journal.
  • FMG has bricks and mortar offices, classrooms and outfitter store in Pisgah Forest, NC and outpost locations at Chimney Rock, NC and Nashville, TN.
amga-logoInformation on the American Mountain Guides Association

The American Mountain Guides Association provides Accreditation, training and the only nationally and internationally recognized certifications in the USA for Climbing Instructors and Rock, Alpine and Ski Mountaineering Guides. The AMGA is the only IFMGA and UIAA recognized Climbing instructors and Guides Association in the USA. They have been offering programs since 1980 and have over 2,500 members.

What is AMGA Accreditation and AMGA Certification?

AMGA Accreditation reviews the Guide Service as a whole looking at its risk management procedures and protocols, insurance levels, permits, guides training and certification levels. AMGA Accreditation also looks at the Guide Services standing in the community, relationships with local land managers, clients and employees. It is rigorous and incredibly hard to attain.

AMGA Certification on the other hand ensures an individual has completed a set amount of personal experience, training and finally has passed the only national examination. The assessment exam assesses a whole host of standards such as the individuals climbing and teaching ability, professionalism, technical knowledge and judgment to ensure that they have met the only national standard.

There are various levels of training and certification within the AMGA so when you are looking for an Instructor or Guide make sure you research properly and find the instructor or guide suited to what you want to do. Looking for a beginner day of top roping? Hire an AMGA Certified Single Pitch Instructor. Looking for a class on lead climbing or rescue, look for an AMGA Certified Rock Guide.

AMGA Instructor Level Certification, AMGA Certified Single Pitch Instructor

This is the AMGA’s entry level certification for climbing instructors who teach at single pitch rock climbing areas teaching top roping. It is designed for individuals that work for summer camp programs, or take out Scouts and groups at a basic level within a guide service or program environment. The program has a three day course component and two day assessment. Individuals have to show a resume of 12 months recreational climbing experience 40 climbs, top rope 5.8 and lead climb at 5.6.

AMGA Instructor Level Certification, AMGA Certified Rock Instructor

This AMGA certification is the first level of certification for individuals wishing to work in multipitch terrain. The program is for routes up to “grade III” in length (up to 3-5 pitches, or 200-600ft long in rough terms) and is ideally suited to the terrain found on the East Coast. The program consists of a ten day course and 5 day assessment exam. The individual will be examined on rock up to 5.9 and 3-5 pitches in length on the exam. This certification is for those wishing to work for a professional guide service working in multipitch terrain and teaching courses.

AMGA Guide Level Certification, AMGA Certified Rock Guide

This is the only AMGA Guide level certification in the rock discipline. This certification is for guides wishing to guide routes that are extremely long and complex in nature. This is the certification normally sought by guides wanting to work out West in places like Yosemite and Red Rocks. After the gaining the AMGA Rock Instructor Certification or completing the Rock Instructor Course, Guides must take the 10 day AMGA Advanced Rock Guides Course which includes a 3 days Aspirant Exam. After this more prerequisites and experience is required before taking the final five day AMGA Rock Guide Exam. Guides will be examined on routes up to 5.10d, and 12-16 pitches in length. The whole process takes many years to complete at the guide level.