Travis Weil

TravisPosition: Instructor

AMGA Certifications Held: AMGA Certified Rock Instructor,  AMGA Certified Single Pitch Instructor

Other Certifications Held: Wilderness First Responder, AIARE Level 1

Employed by FMG Since: 2011

Travis has been climbing for 7 years, starting while in college in the Ozarks of Northwest Arkansas. Since then Travis has spent time climbing in Central Oregon, Red Rocks, Nevada and various places in Colorado. Most of his time on the rock though has been spent on the sandstone cliffs of the Midwest in areas like Horseshoe Canyon Ranch, Jackson Falls, and the Red River Gorge.

Travis moved to North Carolina to start working for Fox Mountain Guides and has since learned to love the climbing here. He became an AMGA Certified Rock Instructor in 2012. Travis also holds Wilderness First Responder certification.

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