Adam Fox

Position: Founder
AMGA Certifications Held: AMGA Certified Rock Guide

adam fox bio pitcureOriginally from the United Kingdom, Adam grew up in the heart of the Peak District National Park climbing the local Grit and Limestone. He started instructing and guiding in the U.K. in 1989 and since then has climbed and guided in such places as Europe, Brazil, Argentina, Canada, Australia and extensively in the U.K., U.S.A. and New Zealand.

Adam guided in North Carolina from 1994 until 2012 when he relocated to New Zealand. While in the US, Adam gained the highest level of rock certification in the US, the AMGA Rock Guide Certification in 2001. He is the the past National Discipline Coordinator for the AMGA's Single Pitch Instructor Program and worked for the AMGA teaching and examining higher level AMGA courses in the rock discipline as a member of the AMGA Instructor Pool. Adam is also a past member of the AMGA's Technical Committee and a past member of the AMGA Board of Directors (2007-2010).

He holds a B.A. (Hons) in Outdoor Education from Derby University (England).